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Case 1
Combatting a decline in profitability

Case 2
Realigning a facility for expected growth

Case 3
Analyzing risk vs. value to determine pricing structure

Case 4
Reducing cycle time to stay competitive

Case 5
Improving lead times and inventory control



Case 5
Improving lead times and inventory control

Business Issue: Manufacturer of soft ice cream delivery systems was experiencing long manufacturing lead times and poor inventory control.

Approach Used: Implemented a Flow Technology production line including implementation of Kanbans for reordering material from suppliers.

Results: The implementation of Flow Manufacturing by the process improvement team achieved a 75% reduction in lead time (from 4 weeks to 1 week) and a 27% reduction in touch time (from 550 minutes to 400 minutes).  Utilization of Kanbans resulted in an improvement in inventory turns from 5 turns to 12 turns, and improved inventory control. 


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